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 2005 Honda Odyssey Review, Caroline Murie Riverside Ca. 92503

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Brakes / Odyssey Ex

 ModelOdyssey Ex
 What things have gone wrong with the car?I have had 3 set of front brakes put on turn the rotors one one new set of rotors put on and the last time they just lube them and thats all.I only have 14,000 miles on my honda at the time I only had little over 12,000 miles on it when I had the work done, and 2900 miles was on a trip that I used the freeway so I didn't use my brakes hardly at all.
 General comments?I have done every thing I know to do. I have took it to the dealer so many times I am discussed with the honda. I sure wouldn't recommend it to any of my frinds, relatives or anyone else.
 Engine and transmissionok
 Reliabilityneed brakes every 1200 miles
 Dealershing honda
 Running costs (higher is cheaper)40.00 week
 Distance when acquired10 miles
 Previous cardodge caravan
 First year of ownershipyes
 Most recent year of ownershiplast year

Review 2005 Honda Odyssey Caroline Murie Riverside Ca. 92503
Japanese Import Car, New & Used Car, 2007