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    2004 Honda Odyssey Review, Upsetowner

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Honda Odyssey EX

 ModelHonda Odyssey EX
 What things have gone wrong with the car?Horrible customer service. Not willing to fix a problem. Expecting us to just live with what could be a potentially dangerous problem. We sure spent a lot of money for this type of service.
 General comments?Up until now I have been very happy with Honda. I owned an Accord and never had a problem. Now that I own an Odyssey, my whole opinion of Honda has done a complete 360. We bought the Odyssey in November. About a month ago the gas gauge starting acting funny. Once you get down to about half a tank, the gas gauge does not read correctly. It fluctuates every time you turn the vehicle off and start it again. I can go from half a tank to empty after only driving my kids to school, a quarter mile away. Then I get in the van and start it up and I am maybe at quarter tank. Then I drop my other daughter off at school and get back in to find the gauge telling me I have a little less than half a tank. I have taken my van in three times now to have the problem fixed. The second time they replaced the fuel sending unit. Today they told me they can't fix it. They told me that it is an inherent problem that can not be fixed. I drive into Los Angeles several times a week with my three year old with me and I feel it would be dangerous to run out of gas, sitting on the side of the freeway. Yet, I can never tell once I am down past half a tank, how much gas I really have. Honda's attitude was basically "oh well." My husband convinced the assistant service manager to try one more phone call tomorrow. I am not sure it will do any good. At this point we may be contacting an attorney. I do not reccomend that anyone buy and Odyssey or any Honda vehicle now.
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Review 2004 Honda Odyssey Upsetowner
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