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 2002 Honda Odyssey Review, Rocky , From Newmarket

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Honda Odyssey

 ModelHonda Odyssey
 What things have gone wrong with the car?esthetically weak dash and interior
Hard seats,
high interest rates from dealer
arroganct dealers
slam competition, sorry Honda but your dealers were the only ones to do so and I just won't stand for that type of sales tactics, being in sales I find that type of selling demeaning to the customer. Given the right information the intellegent customer will figure out which product is best.
 General comments?I test drove the Honda a couple of weeks back and for the most part liked the vehicle. However the total aroggance of the sales people STOPPED me from purchasing this van. They claim that they can not keep up with demand, this is true, but is not an indication of the greatness of the vehicle but a lack of production volume. The sales person continualy slamed his competition, namely Dodge. Did this guy forget that I drove onto the lot with a Caravan??? How could I have been so stupid and puchase a Caravan. Now let me think,, O ya it only the best selling mini van in the world.

While test driving the van the sales person kept telling me that this van drove like a sports car and had the road feel and power of one??? It is obvious that he has never drivin a sports car. He accually told me to floor the accelerator?? What was the point of that, yes the odessey has good power but so do the Fords and Caravans, I don't think the little extra power, which by the way is only available if you burn premium gas, of the odessey is going to make any difference to me unless I planed on racing it.
 Previous carWindstar, Caravan. I have driven minivans for 10years. They are making them all better now. I am purchasing the Caravan because I liked it the best, plain and simple, it looks good, has a great ster

Review 2002 Honda Odyssey Rocky , From Newmarket
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