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 2002 Honda Odyssey Review, Richie, From Brea, CA

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 What things have gone wrong with the car?My wife and I both have had difficulty parking it first
time straight. We allways have to pull
back out and realign. This is our first
van. We don't have troubble parking our
Camry Wagon (Same length). Guess what,
one of my electric doors just went out.
I knew this could happen when I bought the
van so I made sure that I would be able to
work the door manually. It is a lot harder
to open and close manually. I would argue that
you would not want to do it manually.
My wife says that she can hear the gas sloshing
but I can't unless I really listen. I would
only consider it an issue for very quiet
people. You definitely could never hear it if you had
the radio on, ever. The folks in the back seat have
a hard time hearing the front seat folks.
I mean more than my kids don't listen to me.
I have learned to speak up for them. I did
see a guy with 18,000 miles having to change his brakes
and windshield wipers. It does not rain
much where we live. I figure that the weight
of the car requires the traditionaly higher
rate of brake change. The stopping performance
is great, guess why. The wiper issue is a mystery.
If it happens to me I'll
 General comments?The van is fantastic. It drives like a car. Lots of rrrooooom inside.
The gas mileage is as advertised. It is a beautiful car. Many folks
in my area are now getting this van. I have used the fold down seat
and extra power plug on trips (both nice). You cannot go wrong
with this van. Pay attention to the negative comments on this web board.
They appear to be mostly correct. This is a great van. I would buy it
again today. The turn radius is fantastic!
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Review 2002 Honda Odyssey Richie, From Brea, CA
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