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 2002 Honda Odyssey Review, Bob Delso, From Neenah, Wiscon

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Honda Odyssey

 ModelHonda Odyssey
 What things have gone wrong with the car?Drivers Seat comfort is bad, feels like sitting on bailing wire; Drivers side Arm rests too low and no padding(major oversight); No Glove Box Light; No Backlighting on Garage Door Control Sw and bad response; Marginal Stereo System Quality(on an EX it shoould be better); Squeaking and creaking of interior already becoming noticeable; Interior lights should all be on a timer when door locks are activated, too easy for kids to leave reading lights on; No winter floor matts available from Honda
 General comments?We were thrilled to finally find an Odyssey at a dealer here in Wisconsin. None had been available for viewing for the past year that we had been looking. There was a line of people waitng to test drive the vehicle when we found it on the dealer lot. We had our quick test drive and felt fortunate that none of the other couples wanted to take that particular color. We bought it, cash on the spot. That initial thrill quickly faded as we drove the vehicle for the first months and discovered all sorts of engineering and quality shortcomings. I have responded to Hondas surveys and tongue lashed them for these issues, and obviously they are not interested in my opinion, for I haven't heard a word back from them.
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Review 2002 Honda Odyssey Bob Delso, From Neenah, Wiscon
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