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 2002 Honda Odyssey Review, N312a, From NEWPORT NEWS, VA

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Honda Odyssey Ex

 ModelHonda Odyssey Ex
 What things have gone wrong with the car?short unpadded arm rests, not so comfortable front seats, sliding doors squeaky
 General comments?It's "pretty good" It's a Canadian model sold here in Va. Unfortunately when you buy a Canadian model there is not 3yr Honda Warranty. The industry considers it "used" since a dealer bought it and hauled it to the US. After I returned it a month later to fix some squeaky sliding doors, the service writer said that my extended warranty didn't cover this. I said what about my 3yr Honda warranty. that's when I found out that it didn't come with one since it was "used" After freaking out with the dealer owner, he wrote me a letter saying their dealership would cover anything and everything for the next 3 years. Lesson learned, when buying a supposedly "new" car from a dealer who bought it in a different country, know that it voids the manufacturers warranty. However, if I'd known I could've gotten an 02' Ford Expedition for the same price (only because Ford is coming out with their 03' Expedition in May) I would have bought that instead.
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Review 2002 Honda Odyssey N312a, From NEWPORT NEWS, VA
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