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 2002 Honda Odyssey Review, H37338, From Coumbusl, Ohio US

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Honda Odyssey

 ModelHonda Odyssey
 What things have gone wrong with the car?The seats are a bit uncomfortable. I've owned a number of Honda Accords and the seats have always seemed pretty flat. (I think the Japanese have smaller ). I??m curious to see how I feel after a long road trip of several hours.

The tires are noisy. The LX comes with Bridgestone Potenzas, and the EX comes with Michelins. The Michelins seemed quieter.

Armrests are poorly padded. I Can't believe somebody hasn't developed an aftermarket cushion that slips over the original. Or have they?

It'd be nice if there were more color combinations.

Gear shift action takes some getting used to. Extra gear not indicated on shift indicator. Wiper controls easily mistaken for shift lever.

Now that we own one, there seems to be a lot of Odysseys on the road, but there are also a lot of Accords. I really don??t care because Hondas hold their value.
 General comments?I'd like to say this site proved
extremely helpful in the overall decision-making process. My wife and I shopped for over a year before making our final decision, and we made it based on reviews found in this site.

Motivated by the fact our 1995 Windstar had 107,000 miles on it, we initiated a search for a used Odyssey. I couldn??t believe the prices they were bringing! The difference between new and a one or two-year-old used was almost non-existent. I had a chance to buy a 2001 at a very good price but didn't. A few months later, we drove a 2002 Odyssey LX. What a difference between the two! The extra horsepower, the side air bags, four-wheel disk brakes, five-speed transmission, regular gasoline, all made the choice of the ??'02 a no-brainer. We would have purchased this Odyssey on the spot??if only they had discounted more than $500. They wouldn??t, so we kept shopping.

We drove the Toyota Sienna. We both liked it but decided to drop it from consideration after reading numerous negative reports on this website (and others) about the sludge problems and the shoddy treatment from the dealers.

We drove the Chrysler vans. Aside from having to choose from a dizzying array of s, my wife and I felt cramped...kept hitting my head when I'd get in or out of the van. We could compensate somewhat by adding power seats, but that took the price into the $30k-range which was unacceptable. I also had doubts about the transmission problems that have plagued Chrysler products over the years, and the fact they don??t hold up well for resale.retained a greater percentage of its original value.

Bought '02 Odyssey LX with an $800 discount. Also bought aftermarket items from We decided we didn't need slow working power doors or an incomplete luggage rack, and I can buy lots of hub caps for the price of the alloy wheels. The dealer "threw in" the wind deflector at the last minute.
 Previous car1995 Ford Windstar has been a money pit (head gasket, power steering pump, transmission modules, electrical glitches no one can fix, water pump, brakes, squeaks, noises, sloppy transmission, etc.), we

Review 2002 Honda Odyssey H37338, From Coumbusl, Ohio US
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