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 2002 Honda Odyssey Review, Jimhance, From Trumbull, CT

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Honda Odyssey EX

 ModelHonda Odyssey EX
 What things have gone wrong with the car?Unlit switches for cruise, windows, locks (even my '96 Ranger had these). No cassette player standard in EX. Roof rack can't hold any luggage without $150 add-on from dealer. Stereo is not good - my daughter is constantly telling me she can't hear it in the 2nd row. Arm rests are too low, too short. No $$ discount. Can hear gas sloshing in tank when backing up. >> all things I knew about from this site.
 General comments?I checked this site frequently for new owner comments while shopping for our first minivan. We knew about all the plusses and minuses before we bought. We test drove the Ford Windstar first, then the Toyota Sienna. The Windstar was all over the road and was tight on headroom for me (I'm 6'7"). The Sienna was a good bet, but leg room was a little tight and the dealer was awful - tacking on $1,500 for checking the oil, fluids etc. We were not intending to try the Odyssey because of the cost. But, once I sat in it I loved it. The dealer is excellent, but the price was fixed at MSRP. We had to wait 2 months for delivery and they don't include ANY freebies - even had to pay $68 extra for locking lugs.
We are 3 months and 3,000 miles into our ownership and are so happy we bought this van. There is a lot of space in this van, it rides great, has good power and great visibility. Coming from a Camry, I thought backing & parking would be issues, but they aren't. There are a few negative features that Honda should have caught onto by now, but they don't affect performance.
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Review 2002 Honda Odyssey Jimhance, From Trumbull, CT
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