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 2002 Honda Odyssey Review, Willy67, From Durham, NC USA

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Honda Odyssey

 ModelHonda Odyssey
 What things have gone wrong with the car?Not all Honda dealers are so good.
 General comments?Greetings,

Just a note: I noticed that you said that you would have bought an Expedition instead of an Odyssey. Well, funny thing, I did just that. I paid $27,000 for a $34,000 Expedition and drove it 4700 miles before I realized that I didn't want to pay $50.00 to fill up my "car" every week. I have been driving a '92 Honda Civic for several years and have been absolutely spoiled. I would drive six miles to work and shut it off and then 8-9 hours later drive it six miles back home and shut it off. I consistently got 37-38 miles per gallon and 40 mpg on the highway! I bought the car with 62,000 miles on it and had a four-wheel drive Chevy Pick Up pull in front of me when it had 130,000 miles on it. By the grace of the Lord, the truck flipped on it's side as we slid under it. If it hadn't, my passenger and I would have been decapitated. The truck driver's insurance company totaled my little car and gave me within $500 of what I paid for it originally. I bought the little Civic back from them for $425.00 and am presently getting it ready to hopefully start back up pretty soon.
Well, to get back to the subject at hand, after 4700 miles of 12-16 mpg with the Expedition, I decided that I couldn't live with this kind of mileage. I went back to the Ford dealer that bought it from (Capital Ford in Raleigh, NC) and asked them what they would give me for this Expedition that still looked like new. After less than 5,000 miles, they said that they would give me $23,000 for my "$34,000" truck, needless to say, I said; "no, thanks". I went right down the road and bought a new Odyssey EX for $2,500 and the Expedition from a Honda dealer. They gave me $25,000 for the Expedition in trade, strange that a Honda dealer would give me more for an Expedition than the folks that sold it. No wonder they don??t hold their value. While the Expedition was a handful on curvy roads, the Odyssey drives wonderfully. The dealer, Vester Honda, in Wilson NC has been incredible and I would certainly buy from them again. The only point that I don't understand about Honda is that they give you no folder for the Owner's manual and the various business cards that you pick up at the dealer. The Expedition had a great folder, almost like a small valise. Overall, we are very happy with the Odyssey and would probably bought it the first time if we would have known that we could have gotten
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Review 2002 Honda Odyssey Willy67, From Durham, NC USA
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