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 2002 Honda Odyssey Review, Phil

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Honda Odyssey EX

 ModelHonda Odyssey EX
 What things have gone wrong with the car?Cannot seem to get it for less than MSRP. Some things are worth paying a little more for. I was more comfortable in the Toyota Sienna's seats, but I drive a Toyota Tacoma also, and the seats are the same. I am not uncomfortable in the seats at all. Please note my wife and I are short, so no problems with short armrests or anything like that.
 General comments?We love this minivan! After reading many reviews, and discovering that you get almost no storage area with the Toyota Sienna, we went for the EX model. We had a little trouble with the dealers in Phoenix, (no one would sell for MSRP...they all wanted $1000+ more, plus a wait of 2 weeks to 6 months), we called up the dealer in Prescott. They had several on the lot, and even had the model and color we wanted! They knew what was going on in Phoenix with the Price fixing, and we were happy to pay MSRP, given the resale value and the quality. Only had one small rattle in side door and framing, they took care of it immediately. After reading the reviews on this board, we are glad we opted for the extended warranty (7 years, 100K miles). We plan to have this car for at least that long.

Review 2002 Honda Odyssey Phil
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