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2001 honda odyssey 2001 honda odyssey
2001 honda odyssey 2001 honda odyssey
2001 honda odyssey 2001 honda odyssey
2001 honda odyssey 2001 honda odyssey
2001 honda odyssey  
    2001 Honda Odyssey Review, "B", From Charlottesville, Va

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 What things have gone wrong with the car?Dealer greed and Mngmnt attitude, high price conveys expectations about the vehicle that simply do not exit,inability to test drive leads to great deal of confusion about what the vehicle actually offers and what it does not,accessories are extremely over priced,sound system is a disappointment,placement of spare tire and gas tank is necessary for rear seat to disappear but they are problematic,lacks convenience features one would expect of a car this expensive (auto-mirror, outdside temp), controls not easy to find or read, front passenger seat not adjustable except front to back and it is too close to dash for tall people even when extended to max(NOTE: seems 2000EXNavi had an inch or two more passenger front seat space),rattles in passenger side rear sliding door are a surprise and annoying, poor gas mileage (especially in town--hope this will improve during break-in but from reading other reports, it might not),tranny problems in 2000 that public does not know about raises questions about 2001 model(have tried to escape the tranny problems we had in Dodge van),long-haul comfort still a "?" (especially front passenger seat).The warranty is only 3
 General comments?I think the problem is that having experienced what can best be described as an "arranged marriage" with an extravagant dowry, albeit because the cars were scarce and not availabe to test drive, the honeymoon period becomes quite short,there is little tolerance for error and small things are perceived as much bigger things. The Honda dealers have succeeded in conveying the message that the Ody is about as perfect a minivan as exists, but,of course, this is not entirely true. While the van has a number of great features that certainly put it ahead of its Japanese competitors,(Mazda and Toyota are smaller with Mazda not having the Honda product reputation and Toyota not having the comfort)our view is that the Chrysler minivans otherwise would blow the Ody out of the water because of their comfort and convenience packages, if the widespread,publicized,and apparently continuous tranny problems did not exist. Chrysler has yet to get the point and change out its tranny, and given its current state of affairs with Damler, it might never get the point.We hope that Honda also has not gone down the same path. An extended warranty might be a consideration because of potential tranny and electronics problems that would surface after the original one expires, and the Honda plans seems good.Shop the price.Margins are as high here as they are on the vehicle,but there are dealers willing to sell the Honda warranty at somewhat of a reduction from list even if they do not sell you the car.
 Previous carOur previous experience has been with a Grand Caravan(1990) which we have had for 10 years and still use.If it had not been for the tranny problems(2 replacements),we would have purchased another Dadge minvan. Then lo-and-behold after we take delivery we

Review 2001 Honda Odyssey "B", From Charlottesville, Va
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