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2001 honda odyssey 2001 honda odyssey
2001 honda odyssey 2001 honda odyssey
2001 honda odyssey 2001 honda odyssey
2001 honda odyssey 2001 honda odyssey
2001 honda odyssey  
    2001 Honda Odyssey Review, Harold, From El Cajon, Ca. USA

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Honda Odyssey EX

 ModelHonda Odyssey EX
 What things have gone wrong with the car?Metallic silver paint on hood not uniformly coated. Nice finish but metallic pigment not evenly laid on. Saw others to determine if I had legit complaint, they were same. I decided to accept it. Minor complaint.
 General comments?This is the nicest vehicle I've owned. The handling borders on sporty without being harsh. You can feel the attributes of the independent rear suspension when going through dips. Would like to have a left drivers armrest. The transmission upshifts at irregular rpm points and I haven't quite figured what exactly triggers staying in first gear longer. I do like the downshift feature when you are going down a grade. The navigation system is very useful at times in unfamiliar areas. It is absolutely fun to drive, not typical of a van. On first thought, it seems that dealers are not willing to deal much on these because of the demand and short supply, but I think it's more a case of the MSRP being "real", not inflated. Again, Poway Honda has been more than accomodating with my only two complaints, a cracked spoiler over the back hatch window and a passenger mirror with the paint rubbed off during transport. Overall, I love this vehicle. Would highly recommend it.
 Previous carChevy Astro Van. Oddysey is light years ahead in every way. Fit and finish is superb and is much more refined.

Review 2001 Honda Odyssey Harold, From El Cajon, Ca. USA
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