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2001 honda odyssey 2001 honda odyssey
2001 honda odyssey 2001 honda odyssey
2001 honda odyssey 2001 honda odyssey
2001 honda odyssey 2001 honda odyssey
2001 honda odyssey  
    2001 Honda Odyssey Review, Andrew, From Rochester, NY, US

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EX Without Navi

 ModelEX Without Navi
 What things have gone wrong with the car?While there are no blaring weaknesses, there is some room for improvement. We did not like the fact that factory leather seats are not available (we ended up installing after market heated leather seats for about $1900 and it looks, feels and smells fantastic! I wish it had side air bags. There is no light in glove box, although there is a light in the center storage area. The gearshift knob is a little too close to radio volume and balance
 General comments?All in all an excellent car. While we've only owned it for 5 weeks as of this writing, we've tallied up over 2k miles including a 1,000 mile, week long family vacation. It was very comfortable on the long trip and to my surprise got over 25 mpg. So far we have no squawks and time will tell if it has the reliability that I would expect from Honda. We have friends that have been driving their 2000 EX for well over a year and love it and have had no problems. The ride, comfort, power train, styling and fit and finish are first rate. An excellent value even at MSRP ($26840). While many dealers charge more than MSRP, ours didn't. I don't see a problem with 6 speaker audio on has good fidelity and plenty of distortion free volume and pulls in distant stations very well. Not sure why some of the others have had complaints (maybe they are the 4 speaker systems in the LX)? Would have considered the Navigation system, but I've seen it in operation in the Acura and sometimes it works excellent and can be very impressive and other times it leaves a lot to be desired. For example you may have excellent map detail in one county and almost no detail in an adjacent county. For $2,000 it better work perfectly all the time.I've sold a couple Odysseys in the 5 weeks I've owned one...Honda you can send me my commission:)
 Previous carCompared with: Mazda MPV...nice but too small and it's not as quiet or smooth of a ride. Toyota XLE...great ride and quiet, too small and a little more pricey. The base power train warranty on the Toyota is considerably better than Honda's base.

Review 2001 Honda Odyssey Andrew, From Rochester, NY, US
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