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2001 honda odyssey 2001 honda odyssey
2001 honda odyssey 2001 honda odyssey
2001 honda odyssey 2001 honda odyssey
2001 honda odyssey 2001 honda odyssey
2001 honda odyssey  
    2001 Honda Odyssey Review, Don Gall, From Milwaukee

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Honda Odyssey

 ModelHonda Odyssey
 What things have gone wrong with the car?Poor sound system, horrible brake life, horrible transmission life, poor rear shocks for a vehicle with it's supposed superior towing capacity. High priced repair parts that can only be purchased through Honda. Arrogant attitude of dealership throughout the sales process caused by limited or no stock and long lead times. This problem should go away as word gets out about the mechanical problems. At this point, another weakness will be poor resale value.
 General comments?Until recently, we thought this was the "dream car" of minivans. It drives and performs more like a car than a minivan, and had very few quirks. About the only thing we had to complain about is the poor sound system, and the fact that many parts like wiper blades and air filters are expensive and aren't available through anyone but Honda.

On the downside, we have had problems with the brakes almost since the start. At about 8,000 miles, they began "grinding" as though the pads were already worn out. The dealership told us that the pads and rotors just needed "deglazing". At about 18,000 miles, the dealership told us the front breaks needed to be replaced. There is obviously something wrong with how they are engineered, either material-wise, or size-wise, to fail so early.

At 30,000 miles the transmission needs to be replaced because it shifts hard and sticks in first gear. While we're lucky that this happened under warranty, I am more than a little concerned about what's going to happen in the future when we have to pay the bill (the service manager at the dealership stated that we're lucky this time because it would have cost over $5,000 this time.
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Review 2001 Honda Odyssey Don Gall, From Milwaukee
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