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2000 honda odyssey 2000 honda odyssey
2000 honda odyssey 2000 honda odyssey
2000 honda odyssey 2000 honda odyssey
2000 honda odyssey 2000 honda odyssey
2000 honda odyssey 2000 honda odyssey
2000 honda odyssey 2000 honda odyssey
    2000 Honda Odyssey Review, Scott, From Charleston,SC

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Honda Odyssey EX

 ModelHonda Odyssey EX
 What things have gone wrong with the car?The driver's seat (even with 8 way power) lacks proper side bolstering and thigh support for tall drivers, some torque steer under modest to hard accceleration, atrocious stereo, no 2 way seat memory, lacks some other creature comforts (i.e., outside temp gage non-powered front passenger seat, poorly designed, rattly change drawer, weak door checks
 General comments?After an exhaustive, all encompassing minivan search, we finally settled on the Ody. It was the first vehicle we test drove (our dealer actually had an unclaimed EX on the lot). We immediately liked the driveability, it's road manners (good on center steering, very little body sway on expressway ramps, good power), and its styling. I was a little put off by the relatively uncomfortable seats that are clearly not designed for someone over 5'8" , and the knowledge that we would have to pay "full boat" and wait 6 -8 weeks for the privelege of owning one. The search continued... We thought the Windstar had a host of safety features, good value and power, but I didn't like the buzzy feedback in the accelerator pedal. The Mopar products were stylish, but the historical tranny problems lack of power (even with the T&C), and lack of power sliding doors made us look elsewhere. Liked much about the GM minivan triplets, but our test drives revealed some rattles that didn't bode well for future reliabilty. The Sienna was a consideration, but we decided it was too small, the interior was way too cheap and plasticky, and we objected to the blatant, add-on, pure profit tactics from all the southeast Toyota dealers we spoke too. Villager and Quest were feature filled, but way too small for a growing family. Didn't even drive the Mazda - hopelessly underpowered.That said, we placed a $500 refundable deposit with our local Honda dealer, and waited about 5 weeks for delivery. Our final purchase price was $29,178, which included aftermarket leather that the dealer arranged, and upgraded Honda accessory wheels (hey, a guy's gotta get some style points from his minivan), and 9 free oil changesHigh marks on the drivetrain, powerplant, and handling. The Ody makes you confident on ramps, high speed traffic. It is not ponderous and trucklike.Good fit and finish. Pretty good dashboard ergonomics. Great utlity. We especially like being able to position our 14 month old in the center of the second row. We feel that this further protects him in the event of a side impact. The magic seat is very useful. Don't talk yourself out of the EX trim line to save some money. The auto climate control, and sliding power seats are worth the extra.Some downsides, of course. The stereo is an affront to all music lovers. Suitable for AM talk radio only. The change tray only rattles when it has change in it. The drivers seat was not exactly designed by Recaro. Very weak door checks will allow the doors to close on the slightest upgrade. Also, our EX has a bit of a torque steer problem that actually may be tire related. Still working with the dealer on that.Overall, the ODY goes to the head of the class. I think it's the most stylish, most utlitarian, best looking Mom Mobile out there.
 Previous carThis is our first minivan (it coincided with our first child).

Review 2000 Honda Odyssey Scott, From Charleston,SC
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