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2000 honda odyssey 2000 honda odyssey
2000 honda odyssey 2000 honda odyssey
2000 honda odyssey 2000 honda odyssey
2000 honda odyssey 2000 honda odyssey
2000 honda odyssey 2000 honda odyssey
2000 honda odyssey 2000 honda odyssey
    2000 Honda Odyssey Review, Nick

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 What things have gone wrong with the car?Poor ergonomics, especially for the driver. For normal height drivers it is almost impossible to enter
 General comments?The 2000 Odysseys have a number of problems. A. Poor ergonomics - the armrest position for the driver and front passenger is terrible about four inches too low; it is impossible to find a comfortable seating position with the power driver's seat & the controls are very easy to hit when getting in or out of the seat; you can't find a comfortable hand position on the steering wheel on long trips; poor positioning of the transmission shifter, unlike the competition the gas cap is not tethered so it can be lost. B. Poor handling - the Odyssey does not hold a line through a curve or handle as well as a Dodge Caravan; if the road is not perfectly level the Odyssey has a strong tendancy to drift to the low side resulting in the often heard complint that it pulls to one side, increasing toe-in can help prevent this. C. Not designed for maintenance - prepare to be surprised when changing the oil, from the factory the Honda comes with a non-standard size oil filter, you can't use your small or large filter wrench on it, once you break the filter loose you can't remove it without spilling oil all over the frame and splash shield; the oil drain plug uses a loose aluminum washer under it instead of a nylon washer that is attached to the plug like everyone else, a minor detail but after you fish a couple out of the oil drain pan you start to wonder, then when you go to put the oil back in and see that the filler location is tilted towards the radiator so much that you need a funnel to prevent another mess you wonder again. D. Lots of road noise from the storage well behind the rear seat. E. Factory radio is terrible. F. Electronic door, transmission, and keyfob problems.
 Previous carGM & Chrysler minivans. The Honda could be much improved by using the Chrysler's handling & driver position and the GM's stereo.

Review 2000 Honda Odyssey Nick
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