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1999 honda odyssey 1999 honda odyssey
1999 honda odyssey 1999 honda odyssey
1999 honda odyssey 1999 honda odyssey
1999 honda odyssey 1999 honda odyssey
1999 honda odyssey 1999 honda odyssey
1999 honda odyssey 1999 honda odyssey
    1999 Honda Odyssey Review, Don Campbell, From Cincinnati,

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Canyon Stone Silver LX

 ModelCanyon Stone Silver LX
 What things have gone wrong with the car?Stereo stinks, shifter in the way of dash, HORRIBLE clunking of transmission after traveling about 15 feet in reverse, some options should be standard features (floor mats, mud flaps...)
 General comments?Paid $500.00 below MSRP. Had to travel to Andy Honda in Portsmouth, Ohio (1.5 hour drive from Cincinnati)because none were available in my town and NO ONE would knock off any money. Upon delivery I Had several problems: rear spoiler had a crack in it (near windshield washer nozzle)replaced under warranty, scuff in the plastic rocker panel replaced under warranty. Since having it from July of 1999, the following problems have appeared: rubber molding around front windshield has "rippled" (still need to replace under warranty), a spring broke in front driver seat bottom, to be replaced under warranty, a horrible clunking sound has developed in the transmission. After backing up about 15 feet out of garage the transmission "slams" really hard. It is very disturbing!! I have replaced the crappy factory stereo with a Sony cassette and 10 disk changer. I have not replace the speakers yet. I have to turn the base WAAAAAAAAY down or it sounds really distorted. The speakers are the real problem. Replace them before the stereo, you will probably be able to live with it. On the process of buying the vehicle. I could not find any dealers in Cinti. with a 1999 LX CSS on the lot. I found out a co-worker knew the Sales Manager at Andy Glockner Honda in Portsmouth, Ohio. He stated he had one coming in, in a couple of days, exactly what I wanted. I took delivery of my van two days later. When I was picking the van up, I found out that the Sales Mgr., stole this van from one of his salesman, sold it to me, and kept the commission!! What an @$$Ho)e!! If I would have known, I wouldn't have bought it from them. I am disappointed with after market availability of certain items. I have a problem paying $140.00 for floormats!! I am planning on putting honda prelude 16 inch wheels on it. Going to buy them on EBAY. SOOOOO much cheaper!!! I like alloy wheels but refuse to pay $$$$ for the factory 16 inchers that came with the EX's. Would have bought an EX, but didn't like hearing about all of the problems with the sliding power doors. I am happy with my purchase, but, I am disappointed in the Honda reputation of QUALITY. I don't think I bought a lemon, but, I have only had it one year. What could be next to break??
 Previous carFirst van ever owned. Looked at all others. Still love what I have in the Oddysey

Review 1999 Honda Odyssey Don Campbell, From Cincinnati,
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